1X Disney’s The Rescuers Down Under Pin Set (5 Pins) COLLECTIBLE Bianca Bernard



WALT DISNEY COLLECTIBLES AT UNCLE WALTS ATTIC THE SET: Cast Exclusive Rescuers Down Under Set (5 Pins) DESCRIPTION: This cast exclusive pin set contains 5 pins from the movie The Rescuers Down Under. This set is retired. CONDITION: Pins are all in great condition! None of them have any dents, dings or scratches. We do our best to take the highest quality photos of our items. We feel that this method allows you—the buyer—a view of the item that is as accurate as possible; moreover, with this knowledge in hand you can determine the true condition of the item pin and, as such, determine the value as you see it. Moreover, you can rest assure that all of our Disney collectibles are authentic. Sadly, fake Disney pins (and pin backs) have been showing up since 1929 with the introduction of Mickey Mouse. PIN PICS#: No Pin Pic Number. Note on PinPics: Pin Pics is a website dedicated to logging Disney pins. All pins documented on Pin Pics have a corresponding number associated with them to make it easy to find the pin. Information includes a detailed description of the pin and any additional relevant information (artist, how many were made, variations, years, size, limited edition information, etc.). Generally speaking the lower the Pin Pics number, the older the pin is the rarer and more desirable it is. As of this writing, there are over 100,000 pins catalogued on the page, with 1000s added each month (or as slow or fast as Disney goes). Typically anything below 15,000 or so is pretty desirable and often scarce to rare (although occasionally a new “super rare” pin will be discovered and, of course, end up with a number in the 100,000s. Regardless, it is an invaluable resource if you are wanting to learn about the Wonderful World of Disney Pins. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We are a family business and my father has been a Walt Disney fan and collector for over forty years. Moreover, he has done extensive historical work for the Walt Disney Company (D23) and was a long-time historical consultant to the Walt Disney Family. He edited and published a Disney historical journal and has appeared on numerous TV specials on Disney, and is also on many of the Disney DVD documentaries. Additionally, he was a consultant to many of Disney merchandise/collectible/price guide books. ABOUT US: JUST SO YOU KNOW: My Father and I run this business together, My Dad has been an avid Disney Enthusiast, Collector and Historian for as long as I can recall, I even remember hearing stories of him being interested in the wonderful world of Disney since he was my age! Much of our merchandise in the form of Pins, Artwork, Toys, Antiques and other Disney memorabilia has been collected over many years of trading, shows, antique/collectible stores, travels to Disneyland/WDW, and the like. After so many years of collecting it is time to thin down the collection a bit … and use the money for … MORE TRIPS TO DISNEYLAND OF COURSE! Because of my dad, Disney has been a very large part of my life and has brought our family many wonderful memories of the Happiest Place on Earth! SHIPPING: We ship USPS First Class Mail $2.99 or $4.99 for orders of two or more pins/buttons. BOXB

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