Disney Pin 2020 Monster Inc. “University Mystery Divisional Winner” Traded



Disney Pin 2020 Monster Inc. “University Mystery Divisional Winner” Traded These pins were traded at WDW Resort and are in very good condition, although show signs of normal pin trading wear and tear. We work hard to make sure NO SCRAPPERS make it into our packs Dear Potential Customer, First off we would like to thank you for the consideration. Our company works in numerous verticals, primarily NON-GMO food, sales & marketing leadership consulting, and internal brand management. Being an Orlando based firm, we LOVE Disney and pretty much can be found there almost EVERY weekend, having fun, pin trading, enjoying the entertainment, while having a blast!! Plus being an emerging brand, watching the Disney cast and how they operate is an amazing learning experience. What a great way to watch how to treat customers!! We KNOW MANY people around the world come here and sometimes don’t leave with everything they like. Our team works some of the local DISNEY OUTLET locations, scoring deals! This ONLY happens in select areas in FL, why, no idea, but it is like a Black Friday “International FREAK SHOW! Daily” The cast members have told me there are days were there is nothing left….. All of the Disney Branded Merchandise is 100% Authentic. Plain and simple, so have peace of mind. All of our traded pins are from Disney Parks. Our company shield/trademark is ABE, Lincoln. We built our foundation on quality and integrity. No problems, only solutions. If you provide customers with high quality products, impeccable service at the most efficient price, good things happen. In closing living in Orlando and being so close to the Mouse House is AWESOME!! We enjoy sharing our love for Disney and hope to build a win/win business relationship. Please follow our store on FB @MOUSEHOUSEDEALS . All the best, The Team at American Brand Enterprises, LLC

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