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Loungefly Disney Star Wars 40th Anniversary Pin Limited Edition



Thank you for visiting our listing and for your business! Shipping DescriptionBubble-wrapped (when applicable)USPS approved shippingOriginal package – unopened unless described Ship Speed Ships same day based on listing classification:Will ship after receive clear payment. Payment details Payment is required within 48 hours of confirmed sale, any longer and it will risk a claim made against the buyer. Shipping time frame is based on payment time, not sale confirmation time. This is an ebay mandate. Product Guarantee Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the condition of the box and item especially on multiple quantity listings. Items are mass-produced. As a result, variations occur during the manufacturing process. These variations can (but not necessarily) include creases, dents, or scuff marks on the packaging. While I wish everyone could receive a pristine box, it isn’t always the case. Cancellation Policy We do not cancel orders for any reason other than the rare inability to acquire the item for you. 20% buyer cancellation fee to cover employee handling, paypal and shipping fees.